Monday, 21 December 2009

Not much happening

Decided on Friday afternoon that I'm pretty much gonna take a couple weeks off for christmas from solid trading. Gonna spend some time with family and friends, eat food, enjoy all that christmas brings and recharge my batteries ready for the new year.

That said, I'm not gonna stay away from the screens totally. I'll have a quick look in on the market every now and again, but apart from that, that's it for my full time trading for 2009.

This weekend was spent being outside in the snow that has fallen here in Manchester in the UK. Saturday involved a traditional christmas pub crawl. Starting at 12 noon and ending at 2am. The theme was fancy dress, for everyone else. I how ever don't do fancy dress, so I improvised a little bit...

It went down a treat. Speaking of treats I may add a link to the whole photo album from Saturday that I put on my flickr page!

Today is Monday 21st December, my girlfriend is currently upstairs wrapping pressies, so I'm not allowed anywhere near the bedroom. I took a quick look at the charts at around half 10 and it all looked very quiet. May have another look after lunch.

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