Monday, 14 December 2009

Start of week 14.12.09

Well another week begins, and this is also the start of my first full week of blogging my trades throughout the day, so who knows how that'll go.

Had to spend quite some time last night setting up my laptop. I am primarily a MAC user. I used to be a PC man, but used a macbook and I was converted. But, my trading platform will not run on a MAC. Now I usually remote connect to my server PC running XP to trade, but, I'm having to go out at lunch time, and won't be back home till tomorrow evening, and I decided it would be easier to trade direct from my laptop, rather than try remote accessing server PC's from a different location.

So I installed a prgram called Parallels on the MAC. Basically, it's like a virtual PC environment. So I can install XP on the virtual machine, and load my trading platfom up. So I did that last night, but it took a bit of time getting everything loaded properly, and looking the way I want.

Bottom line, I'm up and running now :)

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