Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Still eatin

So it's now December the 30th, I've still not done any real trading. HAd a sneaky look at the charts on Monday to see what was going on. There was a couple of trades that set up, but due to the low market volatility, not much happened with them.

On the plus side had some great crimmy presents. Got one of those Samsung U10 flash video cameras off my mum. It's great. So handy to make little videos with, it's similar to the FlipHD, but I think the Samsung is better as it does full 1080p recording and still pictures.

My beautiful girlfriend got me alsorts of goodies. The best one by far was something called AeroGarden. It's an indoor hydroponic garden for growing things like herbs, and fruit for cooking. I love cooking, and the AeroGarden is just out of this world. I love it.

But, back to trading, again not really going to do anything until new year and everyone is back to work, and the markets get back to normal.

So, I've still got a lot of food to eat, so it's off for some bacon on toast to start my day.

Have a happy new year what ever you get up to.

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