Monday, 22 February 2010

Interesting Day

Well what an interesting day it's been.

First off on the Forex front, quite slow. 3 trades setting up and triggering, but not really moving much. Just some sideways action.

Then the horses. I had a few questions about trading the horses pre-off using charts which I asked to the community over at The GeeksToy, and it opened up a very good thread with views and opinions shared on both fronts which I took a lot away from.

In regards to my new plan as I mentioned earlier, which was to not trade the favourite but concentrate on some of the longer priced runners, it seemed to work a little better. The pace of trading was obviously less frenetic than trading the favourite, and together with the S&R levels the price action from the ladder, I feel more confident that I could have the start of a nice strategy.

Also took a little look at the dogs tonight at around 8pm GMT. Compared to the horses, it's a very slow market and not much money being matched, or at least it was the case tonight. But that's for another day.

No action for me tomorrow, I've got a date with little 9 month old niece and the animal farm at Heaton Park. Far more important than a few horses :)

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