Monday, 22 February 2010

New Week Begins

And so a new week begins.

Wasn't too active over the weekend. I did a little bit on Saturday afternoon, but that was it. I went out for the weekend with my girlfriend and had a great time. Good food, a few drinks and it was gooooood.

Back to it today though.

New focus. I have been chatting to the guys over on TheGeeksToy forum and been getting some very good advice on how I should be moving forward. I've had some very constructive advice from my videos that I've posted. I'm really glad I stumbled on that site. It seems to be a very honest and open area to discuss trading on the sports markets.

So based off what I've been discussing over there, I will be completely ignoring the WOM as my trade indicator from now on, and I will be avoiding trading on the favourite for the time being as well, as the price moves far too quick and chops about too much for me to make any respectable pips. So I'll be sticking to some of the runners further down the field that aren't attracting as much money being matched. I'll also be using support and resistance as my indicators of when to enter and exit trades as well.

Also keeping my eye on the Forex markets as always. The last 2 weeks have been very choppy indeed. Far too many trades being triggered then stopped out, but that's the way the markets are. I'm currently also trialling a trading robot on the Forex market. I set it up on Friday, and I'm just going to let it run for a good few weeks and see where it takes me.

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