Thursday, 25 February 2010

Not a day to trade for me

Well today is definately not a day to trade for me for a number of reasons.

1) The pigging internet keeps going down .grrrrrrrr. I've done all the usual techie bits like rebooting etc, but no joy. So that's the main reason why no trading at all.

2) Once again, I'm of out at half 3 to my girlfriends nans for tea. Now I'm never one to pass up a free meal, and I love going to her nans, but....

3) ....point 2 leads nicely onto point number 3. I love my girlfriend very very much. She is my soulmate, but I'm getting a little tired of the "lets go out" or "lets just nip to Asda" requests. She knows what I'm doing, and what I'm trying to achieve, but she always does these things during prime trading hours, then when I explain why I either can't go or don't want to, I then have to suffer 'The Face'. As men we all know and love 'The Face'. It says "I'm bored and want to do something" or "I'm going to sulk and mope about now because you don't want to do what I suggest" This then puts me in completely the wrong frame of mind to trade, and I inevitably end up turning the computer off, and going out to stop the sulking.

I still haven't managed to complete a full day of trading as a result of these issues.

Rant over.

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