Saturday, 27 February 2010

What a day!

Well what a day I've had.

First off my horse trading. I've been continuing to work on my S&R and price action strategy for pre race, which has so far had up and down results. Some good trades, some not so good. But the not so good ones were only just not so good ones. I was getting in on the moves just a touch too late. Some races where I have also been unable to read the price action, and as a result not even entered any trades. Looking back, maybe I should have at least got in and scratched if I was unsure. But, it's still a work in progress.

Now for the next bit. Over the last few weeks, very quietly and keeping it to myself, I have been investigating an in race strategy using lay bets only. It is based solely on price action and reading the way the prices move on the grid layout. Only placing one trade, and waiting until around 30 secs before the end of the race before placing the trade. I'm looking to lay horses no shorter than 5's and no longer than 11's. Waiting until 30 secs before the end of the race gives a clearer indication of where the likely winner will come from, and having studied the price action for the duration of the in race time, you get a good feel for the price movement of say the runner that has started to drift from 1.5-2's out to 5's while maybe 1 or 2 other runners have come in from 3's or 4's to 1.5's or 2's.

I've got to say that so far I am feeling quite confident in this. Today has seen my biggest day in terms of gains so far as you can see.

I've also made a short video of 1 of my trades using my pre race strategy that is in the middle of being uploaded to YouTube. As soon as that's up I'll put it on here.

I know some people will scoff at the idea of my in race strategy, and maybe say that it is doomed to a blow out. Maybe, maybe not, only time will tell. As long as I stick to my strategy, and don't start placing lay bets too early in the race where there is the chance of a mess happening, then with any luck I will have developed a nice system that works for me.

I am still developing my pre race strategy as well while using the in race methods.

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