Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Afternoon update

Just a little late afternoon update of sorts.

I don't think I'll be doing many videos for the next week or so. It's the easter half term holidays here in the UK, and a house full of noisy kids does not a good video make. So I'll have to make do with some good old fashioned written updates.

Today has been an ok day as it stands now.
My GBPCHF trade from yesterday that wasn't doing much, started doing much and hit all 3 swing targets for a +300 point return on that pair.
GBPUSD was finally managed to a close and a +355 point return.
Another stop out on EURJPY. Luckily I managed to get a 1st swing target in first so the down side on that trade was limited to -25 points.
Another intraday trade on GBPUSD presented itself. Swing trade was still open at this time, so intraday only. Managed a 1st target again before the last 2 positions were managed to a stop. So that one netted me a -4 point loss.

As I write this I have a GBPJPY trade open, 2 swing target met for +210 points so far, the last position has been managed to a B/E point, so worst case scenario is +210 points :)
EURUSD swing trade with a 1st target met and 2 positions still open. Another GBPUSD trade, this time swing only as daily ATR has been done. No targets met yet on that one, and a EURJPY trade has just triggered short, so I'll be keeping an eye on that going into the evening.

So all in all a not to bad day. Seen some nice moves after yesterdays slow start.

But now it's time for some Tom Yum with rice noodles, which I've managed to whip up while doing all that as well! lol

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