Monday, 22 March 2010

Another record week

Last week was exceptional. I don't expect them to be like that all the time, but when they happen, man oh man!!

I've ended up making over 2000 points by the end of trading last Friday. I couldn't believe it! I had another fantastic start to the week through to Wednesday. Thursday was a poor day. I was down 300 points on the day, then Friday came and BAM!!!!! I was up 1000 points on Friday alone. It was ridiculous. Especially when around lunch time on Friday things weren't looking so good. Price had started to retrace and I was looking down the face of quite a poor end to the week, but at around 2 o'clockish GMT things flipped round and I finished like Usain Bolt!

It made it even more amazing as I ended up going out to Stockport with my girlfriend at half 3 so she could get some new shoes for her new job on Tuesday, and I had to manage my trades from my iPhone in Decathlon.

Well pleased with the weeks results.

With the price movements the last couple of weeks I fully expect this week to quite quiet to start with. As it happens I'm away from the computer today, being Monday 22nd March, as it's a busy day with car MOT's and vets, so I won't be trading at all.

Lets hope that Tuesday is a nice day for me to start the week.

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