Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Another week

So I started a new week on the 23rd March, which was a Tuesday. Didn't do any trading at all on Monday as I was running some personal errands all day.

So yesterday was my first day of the week, and what a stinker it was. Full loss after full loss, it was one of those death touch days.
I gave back 50% of last weeks gains in one day, but that's trading. As long as I am making pips at the end of each month that's where it counts.

On to today, Wednesday 23rd March 2010, and as it happens budget day here in the UK. The mornings trading started off as the previous day finished very wishy washy, but as the morning has developed I've seen some of my live trades hit profit levels, and into the early afternoon, price has started to move again. So it looks as though all is not lost for today, but unless something really exciting happens this week is pretty much a catch up and damage limitation week.

Here's a short video of one of my trades this morning on GU

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