Thursday, 25 March 2010

Nearly week end

Ok it's nearing the end of Thursday trading now, and the week is almost in touching distance.

Only one new trade for today which was on the GBPUSD. I was long @ 1.4930. My 3 positions on the intraday part of the trade stopped out for a -15 pip total, and the final 3 parts have now been stopped out for a total of +20 points.

The rest of the day has pretty much been devoted to managing trades that have run over from yesterdays trading, which have gone pretty well to be honest. I'm still slightly down on the week thanks to the horror show that was Tuesdays trading, but Wednesdays trades have followed through nicely.

Below is a quick video of a nice GBPUSD trade from yesterday that netted me a nice total of +90 points.

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