Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Slow morning

Didn't do any trading what so ever this morning. I had to take a trip into Manchester with my girlfriend and her sister. To be honest I was glad of the break/fresh air. I've been getting really bad headaches the last few days. The type that paracetamol won't even shift, so I thought the fresh air might do me good.

Got back from town in the early afternoon and had a look at the charts. Fortunately it looks like all I really missed from this morning was some retracements, which is what I predicted would happen after yesterday mornings moves down.

I managed to get trades set up on all but one of my trading pairs, so we'll see how they pan out for the remainder of tonight and into tomorrow. I might try and get a video up later on or tomorrow of a quick run down of things.

Until then, I'll blog you later.

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