Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Best start for weeks. Official !!!

Powering up the charts this morning was a joy :) It's officially my best start to a week for at least 3 weeks.

GBPJP swinger hit T2 overnight.

AUDJPY core swinger hit all 3 targets

GBPUSD intraday snatch hit all 3 targets. This was a trade that setup at around half 6 ish last night. I happened to be at the computer screen when it set up. As the swinger from the morning was already running, it was just an intraday trade for me.

So far this morning then I've had a new GBPUSD intraday trade @ .5355 that has hit all 3 targets. With the new 10am trigger levels there was another intraday trade opportunity for me @ .5385, still within the ATR limits for intraday trades ,but I wasn't quick enough and missed the entry. So I'll be keeping my eye on that one to see if it comes back down to below the trigger level before reaching T1.

EURJPY | early morning intraday targets hit and swing trade still open. Entry was @ .125.00. A new intraday trade has setup on the new 10am data with an entry @ 125.35. Again still within ATR limits for intraday trades. This is still open, no targets hit.

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