Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A bit of payback...

I've managed to get a bit of payback for my horrid start to the week this afternoon. My third aatempt at an entry on GU has rewarded me with all 3 intraday targets hit, and a first swing target. So +140 so far. Not quiet a 50% refund on the false trades this morning, but hopefully still another 2 swing targets left.

Managed to get 2/3rds of my trade off at first target level for EJ. Decided to do it this way as my first target took me back down to 125.00, which is a nice support level now, since it's managed to go through it last week. I anticipated price stalling or rebounding briefly off that level so just the last third open on EJ.

EU from yesterday has finally moved down past first and second targets, just one more to go, and GC thus far waiting for second and third targets to be hit.

Just had a new pending trade setup on CADJPY. Based off my previous blog entry on what I thought of CADJPY, I'm only looking for shorts, as price has failed to get above the 94.20 level now, and due to the size of the move up.

So, not a bad afternoon, but in the grand scheme of things, in total still down for the week so far, so I'd like a refund please Mr Forex. I still have my receipt as proof of purchase. See......

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