Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter over, but still got eggs!

Well that's Easter over for another year, but I've still got eggs left so all is not lost :)

The grand prix on Sunday was pretty good. It was nice to see som action for a change. Watching Hamilton steam through the ranks, but it's now time to start work again.

Easter Monday was a bank holiday, so I didn't do any trading, instead choosing to spend it with my family, so today is the first day of my week. As expected this morning has been pretty quiet. Looking at the charts from yesterday, not too much happened until last nights Asian session. GBPJPY and EURJPY have moved nicely, from the trades that set up yesterday, but as I wasn't trading, it's just a watch scenario for me and see if I can get a new entry signal.

GBPUSD has had a little fit early this morning, but having now done >65% of a days move down, I expect to see some sideways movement for most of the morning, then may be a little retracement to test the 1.5200/5250 area.

Apart from that, not much else happening.

On a news front, here in the UK, the Prime Minister has just announced the date for the general election as May 6th, so all the news stations are now pontificating about policies etc.

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