Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday

It looks like yesterday afternoon saw some real nice moves on most the pairs I trade.

The morning had been pretty quiet to tell the truth. A couple of false short trades on EURUSD based off some TA I'd done, and an intraday position on GBPUSD that managed to hit 1st target before stopping out.

I was pretty confident on the potential scenarios I had identified. I knew that it would realistically take something news based to really get the price moving, and that's what it did. I think there was soem euro news that came out mid/late afternoon that was better than expected.

Typically I missed all this action as I had a doctors appointment that was scheduled for 4pm GMT, and as I'm not trading now until Tuesday, it was an early finish for the easter holidays for me.

Am I angry I missed these moves?....No, not really. The market isn't going anywhere, and will still be there on Tuesday. One thing I can guarantee is that there will always be more moves to take advantage of.

How am I feeling?....Honesty, in light of these moves and the TA I have been practicing, I'm feeling pretty relaxed. Even happy, as I confirms some of the findings that I came up with on where price could move to. So another little confidence boost :)

So I'm going to go away and enjoy my Easter weekend with my family, and come back Tuesday with enthusiasm.

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