Thursday, 22 April 2010

Happier now

In terms of trades taken, yesterday wasn't that busy, but there was a lot of managing of existing trades from the core swing strategy to be done, and some spill over from Tuesday to tidy up.

Yesterday saw only a total of 3 new trades, one on GBPUS which still has the last two parts of the swing trade open, and two trades on EURJPY. First attempt at EJ got me stopped out on my full position, the second attempt didn't do too badly. Managed to get all three intraday targets, and a first swing target in.

Today is probably going to be much quieter, as I'm not in my usual location. Me and my GF had to go to her dad's last nite and stayed over. Although I brought my laptop with me, I think it will be more a case of managing the remaining trade I have open. When I'm in unfamiliar surroundings, I don't feel comfortable, or able to fully focus, so today may largely be a day off.

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