Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Mid week

It's Wednesday, that means it's hump day. We are at that mid week, crest of the hill before it's all downhill to the weekend baby, yeahhhhhh. lol

On a work note, hopefully today isn't as slow as yesterday. As I thought the GBPUSD did some nice 4 o'clock moves yesterday afternoon back up, unfortunately, after being stopped out on a short setup, I then missed the move up. Very unhappy bunny at that as it was within my normal trading hours as well....grrrrrrrrr

Other things worth a mention. CADJPY pissed me about again, but it's sat right on the crest of a very large move down I feel. Since mid Feb it's gained over a 1000 points without any trouble, and based off past history when price has moved in large chunks, there has been at least a 50% retracement, but it's just balanced on that whippy cliff edge at the moment.

EJ and GJ still the same, although it's looking like EJ could be developing a new entry signal for me, GJ nothing yet.

My only 2 trades on then as of now are EU T1 hit, and GC T1 hit. And that's all she wrote.

On another side note. This week is Masters week :) For anyone not interested in golf, it's the 1st Major of the year, and Tigers comeback after his personal life fart It's on Thurs-Sun. It's on in the P of the M here in the UK, so it shouldn't interfere with work either. POW!

update: Well EJ finally setup a new entry signal for me, so I'm now short EJ. GU has given me two signals this morning, both had full stops hit. The first entry short, and the second long. Annoyingly the long entry got taken out by a rather irritating price spike about 6 mins after it had triggered. Don't kow whether there was any news out that caused that, or whether it was the data coming from my broker.

To be fair I'm looking at leaning towards changing broker to so I can use Ninja Trader, and leaving the Alpari/MT4 behind now.

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