Tuesday, 13 April 2010

More of the same

Well today seems to have started pretty much where yesterday left off for me. Really badly. Only a handful of trades today and every one is either negative or has stopped me out for a full loss.

I'll try and get some videos up of the trades that have gone wrong to look back on and see whether it is user error, or the Forex gods laughing at me.

General demeanor today is very poor, and negative. Starting to wonder if this is ever going to be a long term option for me based on these results.

The pisser is, that I know other people using the same strategy that have had a fabulous start to the week. So I have been trying to find what the variable is. That tiny difference that is making one person profitable, and the other not when using the very same trading strategy. My findings....the person that is actually making pips is using a different broker, whos data starts an hour earlier than mine. Thats the tiny difference that is causing me to lose pips!!!

So I need to find a broker that has a data feed that starts at 10pm GMT on Sunday. Any suggestions????

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