Friday, 2 April 2010

Trading Platform/Broker Research

While I've got a bit of time with my long weekend I will also be doing some research into new brokers and trading platforms.

I've been using Alpari as my broker and MetaTrader as my trading platform for 2 years now, and while it was a fine combo for me when I started out, and still performs 95% of the tasks I need now, there are still some things missing.

Minimum things I'm looking for:-

1) More varied order entries that fit in with my trading style.
2) Slightly better charting tools in trading software.
3) Ability to trade variety of lot sizes.
4) Reasonable fees.
5) More varied timeframes including tick charts without the need for time shift indicators

Online Brokers looking at

1) Thinkorswim
2) Interactive Brokers
3) MB Trading
4) E*Trade (no longer operating in the UK. All UK accounts will either be closed or transferred to TD Waterhouse on 18th April)

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