Saturday, 3 April 2010

Watching the F1 Quali

Sat on a cold, rainy Saturday morning in Manchester watching the qauli for the Malaysian F1 GP. They're having slightly more rain than we are, but they have the heat as well, where as we have the bitter cold.

Also been doing some more research, and have taken another look at Sierra Charts. I looked at them 2 years ago, and at the time I wasn't sure what I was looking for, and it all looked a bit to advanced for me. Funny how things change, as I'm now looking at it thinking it looks ok. Price...check. Varied TF...check. I've signed up for the demo, so I'll see how it looks next week in real time.

I might still have to use Alpari as my broker to enter my trades, and if it works ok, Sierra for my charting. Not ideal, but it's one option I'm investigating.

Looked at Interactive Brokers yesterday, but they require a $10'000 USD or UK equivilant to open an account. Not in a position to do that at the moment, so they're out, which is dissappointing as I really wanted to use them as their data feed can be used with different platforms like Sierra, and Ninja and TS. Oh well.

I'll continue to loo.

Looks like Mark Webber has just qualified in P1 for the race tomorrow. Both Ferarri's and MacLarns are at the back of the grid. It's gonna be a cracking race I think.

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