Sunday, 16 May 2010

Week's End

Haven't posted anything this week. Been a bit lazy in that area if I'm being honest, but my results have been anyting but lazy.

This week saw me increase my snatch trading pairs to 4. I'm now trading GBP, EJPY, EUSD, AJPY.

AJPY was my biggest frustration this week. It messed me about till Friday where it surrendered some of the pips it stole from me during the week, but that ok. No hard feelings.

Results this week have been insane. COP Friday saw me rack up 1'880 pips for the week!! lmao

I still can't believe it.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Account activity since Jan 1st 2010

Detailed Trades Summary

Total trades:594
Total trades with profit:296
Total trades with loss:298
Gain in money:£ 61.20
Gain in percentage:(12.24%)
Gross Profit:£ 909.34
Gross Loss:£ -847.79
Largest Profit Trade:£ 29.73 (2010.05.04 on GBPUSD)
Largest Loss Trade:£ -17.33 (2010.04.23 on EURJPY)
Average Profit Trade:£ 3.07
Average Loss Trade:£ -2.84
Max consecutive wins:27 trades (£ 94.51)
Max consecutive losses:26 trades (£ -71.84)

That's it folks

Well the two trades from yesterday morning were all that was on offer, and with the moves that had happened during the afternoon, and during the evening/asian session, there literally isn't anything of note on offer today.

Some of these moves have been mental! 150-200% of daily ATR's been done in a day. Down and up!

I had to walk away from the computer this morning, as I was starting to get itchy fingers looking for trades off daily high and low levels. It isn't in my trading plan to do that, I don't have a clearly defined entry and exit strategy, or more importantly, I don't have the skills necessary to do that type of trading off the cuff. So it was forcing myself to close the trading screens down for the week.

All in all though, a pretty decent weeks trading to say Monday was a day off, and by 8am Thursday morning, the week was pretty much done. Ended up returning over 550 points on the week, and that's even with a EJPY trade from Tuesday morning that I missed because MT4 wouldn't take my order as it the entry and market price were too close together. That trade alone hit all three scalper and swing targets, so that was 390 points left on the table.

A bit of interesting reading from my account for the month to date

Current month used pairs:4 (eurjpy, eurusd, gbpjpy, gbpusd)
Current month best pair:gbpusd with £ 60.88 (109 pips)
Current month worst pair:eurjpy with £ -12.16 (-175 pips)

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election day

Decided to wake up early this morning in anticipation of some early moves before the day started. I expect the GBP at least to be pretty quiet today during normal trading hours with the election today.

What happened was 2 cracking trades on GBP and EJPY.

All 3 scalper targets hit on EJPY and GBP before 8am, and a swinger T1 on GBP to boot as well. Kiss kiss bang bang



Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Afternoon update

What a choppy morning. Plenty of 1st targets hit and not much else, a few full stops. Horrid morning.

Coming into the afternoon session, a nice GBP trade set up and I managed to get all 3 scalper targets, and have managed to nik the 1st swing target as well. No trades this afternoon on EURJPY, as the potential for daily movement has gone away from me. So it's just a sit back and manage the GBP swing trade thats open, and the GJPY swinger. Not much else doing.

As you can see from the chart. My entry was below the red line on the far left of the chart. Targets are the numbers in green.

Good start to the week

This week is short one for me, and could get even shorter. Monday was bank holiday in the UK, so that meant a day off trading for me :)

Coming back to the charts on Tuesday, yesterday was a little bit if catch up from Mondays action. Not a lot happened to be fair, didn't feel like I really missed out on anything.

A few trades setup yesterday that netted my some points which was nice.

On thursday of this week it's general election time in the UK, and then Friday is NFP day, so could turn out to be a very short week.

Here's a short video of the core swing trades that set up yesterday